Bryce Roskens, wife Amber, and family

Bryce Roskens, wife Amber, and family

Most of my childhood and youth was shaped in the great state of South Dakota, the place where I was born and raised. I spent my first 18 years living in the HUGE city of Emery (only about 400 people). I suppose you could call me a “church kid” as I went to church with my parents at least 3 times a week (and always did so enthusiastically as you could imagine). :) My parents raised me in a Christian home and gave me my first look at what it means to actively serve within the church.

While I was a good church attender for quite some time, I didn’t start my journey with Jesus until I was 11 years old. I put my faith in Jesus for the first time at Crystal Springs Baptist Camp in North Dakota. I say that it started then because I didn’t fully grasp what it meant to be a Christian and there wasn’t much of a change in my own life at that age. I started to take my relationship with Jesus more seriously during my junior and senior years in High School. I started enjoying church and began playing a more active role in our youth ministry. It was during this time in my life that I started dating my future wife Amber (much too young!), who also lived in Emery.

After High School, I began a wild ride of actually listening to God and obeying that leading. The wild ride began with me attending a mission school in Arkansas and going on several mission trips to China, Hong Kong, Mexico and Honduras. Then God brought me to the University of Sioux Falls. I began as a secondary education major but soon found my education classes not that appealing. It was an entry-level religion class where I felt God calling me into full time pastoral ministry. I changed majors at USF, attended seminary, and have been enjoying full time service in the church ever since. I have been a part of the church family here at Steamboat Rock Baptist Church for nearly 10 years now!

Interests: As you can see from the picture above, I have a pretty special family. I have an amazing wife, Amber, who stays at home with our kids and also runs an accounting business and has faithfully partnered with me in youth ministry every year we’ve been in Steamboat Rock. We have 4 children- three girls and one boy. I love playing with my kids, which usually involves wrestling on the floor, playing outside (we love summers!), playing games, and family movie pizza nights. When I’m not with the family, you’ll probably find me watching sports (on T.V. or at our youth sporting events) or playing them. During the warm months in Iowa, there’s a good chance you’ll see me on the golf course. And during the warm months, I love to play pick-up basketball games when I get the chance.

I love my job working with M.S. & H.S. students and believe God wants to do great things through them! I love seeing students being introduced to Jesus and then seeing spiritual change in them over the years.