Crossover Missionaries



Safi was born into a Muslim family.  In 1976, he came to study at an American University and eventually graduated with MS in microbiology from South Dakota State University.  In fall 1982, he became a Christian and the following year married Dawn.  After more than a decade of scientific work, God called them to the mission field. Safi Pastored a church of Iranian refugees for 10 years in Turkey and then received a student visa to earn a PhD and serve the Turkish science foundation. The Bagherpour family returned to the US to support their children’s education and to seek the Lord.  Their first son Daniel is a graduate of Northern Arizona University in political science, working in California. Michael is attending the University of California San Diego. Andrew is 19 and in the US Air Force. Safi was recruited by Crossover to be director of Farsi World Outreach, which is responsible for teaching and empowering national church leaders among 160 million Farsi speakers in 10/40 window.  Presently they live in Germany to be closer to the countries they work and visit. While in Germany they assist in training church planters among Farsi and Turkish people of Europe.