Guest Speakers

Below are the pastors, missionaries and speakers who have blessed Steamboat Rock Baptist Church with their message from God's Word.



eric samuel timm

Eric Samuel Timm is an orator, artist, and visionary who uses art to help his audience see what they can not hear. Eric has spoken to over 2 millions people in more than 35 countries in a wide range of venues from public schools to music festivals, arenas, and places of worship. Eric uses his words and art to captivate and catapult his audiences to action.

Dr. Gregg Hemmen with wife, Diane

Dr. Gregg Hemmen with wife, Diane

Dr. Gregg Hemmen

Gregg came home to Steamboat Rock on October 22, 2017 and preached a sermon titled "Pansy Hands".  Gregg is the son of George and Kitty Hemmen and grew up attending this church. Gregg currently pastors in Rapid City, SD, where he lives with his wife Diane and their children, Ainslee and Eli. Click below to read Gregg's Bio and hear his sermon.