North American Baptist Missionaries


Paul and Tanya have been married since 2010 and have felt a strong call to serve in ministry together. Paul was a Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB and Tanya was working as an English and Home Economics teacher. Click here to learn more about Paul & Tanya.


Rick and Debbie were raised in homes where their mothers were the primary spiritual influence in their lives. They attended church throughout their childhood. Rick responded to the Holy Spirit’s nudge during a revival service in Ft. Worth, TX at the age of 9. Click here to learn more about Rick & Debbie.


Ever since Lyndell was a little girl she remembersbeing fascinated with missions. “I’ll never forget the time one of our NAB missionaries visited my church and shared a story in our Children’s church about a little boy in Africa who accepted Jesus as his Savior.” Click here to learn more about Lyndell.


Paul grew up in a Christian home, accepted Jesus
and was baptized at a young age. As Paul grew
spiritually God gifted him with an outgoing
personality and a desire to help others. Click here to learn more about Paul & Melissa.


Calvin grew up in British Columbia. As church planters, his parent’s focus of loving and serving God by loving and serving people made a lasting impression on his life. He accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of six. Click here to learn more about Calvin & Suzzane.


Though raised in a Roman Catholic home, Jeff was a practical atheist until he was about twenty-one. At that point he met a man who said he was born- again. Jeff also wanted a relationship with God, so he became a Christian and was baptized that year. Click here to learn more about Jeff & Sonya.


Brandon was adopted as an infant and raised in a godly home in the suburbs of Kansas City. After receiving Christ at a young age, he was baptized at the age of ten. His church emphasized missions by financially supporting dozens of missionaries and sending several missionaries to the field. When he was a teen, he felt God’s call to go to the mission field. Click here to learn more about Brandon & Marci.


Walter was raised in a Christian home, the second of three children born to Hans and Ursula Grob. He made a public confession of his faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at age 14 as a result of a conversation with his pastor. He was baptized and became a member of Mission Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario. Click here to learn more about Walter.