North American Baptist Missionaries


Rick and Debbie were raised in homes where their mothers were the primary spiritual influence in their lives. They attended church throughout their childhood. Rick responded to the Holy Spirit’s nudge during a revival service in Ft. Worth, TX at the age of 9. Click here to learn more about Rick & Debbie.


Ever since Lyndell was a little girl she remembersbeing fascinated with missions. “I’ll never forget the time one of our NAB missionaries visited my church and shared a story in our Children’s church about a little boy in Africa who accepted Jesus as his Savior.” Click here to learn more about Lyndell.


Ron grew up in a Christian family in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. He trusted JesusChrist as Savior when he was nine years old, during Vacation Bible School. Ron first felt God calling him into Christian ministry while in high school, and committed his life to God fully while a junior at Princeton University. God then led Ron to Biblical Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Click here to learn more about Ron & Jeannie.


Shan Reed was raised in South Dakota in a family rooted deeply in God. Growing up going to church almost every time the doors were open, Shan had many opportunities to observe God’s family as the body of Christ working to shareJesus’ love in their church, in their families, and in their community. Click here to learn more about Shan.


Randy Schmor has been the Director of Gateway Teams since 2002 and has led and trained short-term mission teams for nearly two decades. He also served as a youth pastor for 11 years. Randy is Chairman of the Fellowship of Short-Term Mission Leaders annual conference and has a passion for training young leaders for Kingdom work cross-culturally and here in North America. Click here to learn more about Gateway Teams.