Community Corner

At SRBC, we believe that being part of a Small Group is an important part in the process of becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.   We believe that by being in a small group, you will:

  • Be connected to others in the church
  • Be cared for by those in the small group
  • Form Christ like relationships with fellow believers
  • Serve together to grow closer to each other and to those we serve
  • Pray for needs in the small group and to be prayed for
  • Grow in the faith through the study of God’s word

Here’s the question:  Is this happening?  Read the testimonies below and you decide.


Lincoln Eekhoff

The first time I experienced the power of Small Groups was the day my dad died.  Within mere hours all the members of my mom and dad’s small group were at the farm even though it was 40 miles from most of them.  It made a mark on me and my family so I in turn wanted that kind of connection for myself and my own family!  Over the next 15 years I did find out what small groups are about.  I believe the most important part of small groups is that it defuses the enemy’s (Satan’s) plan of trying to make you feel alone and that you can do this life by yourself.  Truth is you cannot successfully live out Jesus plan for you by yourself.  That’s why I believe in small groups and you should try one for yourself.


gwen & wayne wrich

11 years ago in Dec, our 12-year old son Lee died unexpectedly in an accident. As you can imagine, our world was shaken. While this was not the first loss of a child, it was unfathomable and shocking to us. Shortly after that time, our small group was formed. It came about as 2 couples in particular, choosing to join us regularly every 2 weeks or so on Sunday night. (our son died on a Sunday night). Our daughter Wendy, whose special needs always precluded us from being able to fellowship in this fashion else-where made meeting at our home logical. People sacrificed to drive to us. We were humbled and comforted. Our newly formed small group intentionally put our time's focus on fellowship, bible study and a whole lot of prayer. There was laughter, there were tears and continued steady comfort. It was and is a safe space to be authentic, ask questions, be intentional prayer warriors for the needs of the small group and the needs of others and our church. Over the years, more couples were added, couples branched out to form more small groups in their homes. But the same practice of acceptance, love, prayer warriors, carrying each other's burdens abides, along with some pretty awesome food! We all want to keep growing in our faith and become better Jesus followers as we journey this life.