our history

In 1869 a small nucleus of believers began meeting in a schoolhouse six miles north of Steamboat Rock.  Because of the distance, members found it difficult to attend with any degree of regularity.  Thus, in November of 1876, 17 spiritual pioneers founded the German Baptist Church in Steamboat Rock eventually erecting a church home in 1889 next to a small oak tree.  The church and the tree have both grown and changed tremendously over the years.

What has not changed is a passion to encourage others to follow Jesus.  This passion has affected generations of children and youth--evidenced in the Sunday School organized in 1889, Young People’s Society in 1916, AWANA program established in 1988, and calling the first full-time youth pastor in 1994.  In 1996 a major expansion was completed to accommodate these ministries.  In 2001 a contemporary worship service started to encourage followers in the next generation.

In 2006 we adopted our 2020 Vision to become a large landmark church serving the Iowa River valley and have been working steadily together toward that end.  In 2015 we completed the addition of our new sanctuary and a major remodeling of our existing facilities.  Thanks to the faithfulness of God, those 17 pioneers and hundreds of others through the years, over 300 people now gather each week in a new facility, next to that same oak tree, now quite majestic, to worship God as we follow Jesus…further!

our vision

Our vision is to be a landmark.  We want our church to attract people to join a community of meaningful relationships.  We want our church to be a source of inspiration for those seeking to worship.  We want our church to be a point of reference for those looking for God or who may have lost their way.  We want our church to be a rallying point for teams, giving people a reason to serve.  We want our church to be a launching point for missions.  Finally, we want our church to be a vantage point for vision.

We are so glad that you have visited our website.  We invite you to make this vision a reality.  We would love to see you connected in meaningful relationships, participating in inspiring worship, growing in holiness, serving others with your unique gifts and passions, and gaining a vision for what God has planned for your life.  Join us.