God's Redemptive Work in Our Midst


The messiness and brokenness of our lives can sometimes hide the redemptive hand of God that is constantly at work, similar to how the turbulent clouds hid the solar eclipse from view.  What’s going on in the foreground may cause us to miss the powerful forces at work behind the scenes.  Let’s face it: we live in an atmosphere that is constantly clouded with our own sin and the sin of a broken society. This perspective can cause us to doubt whether God is really up to the task of redeeming this world. 

Lincoln & Jill Wedding 2017.jpg

Sometimes, however, the clouds clear to give us an obstructed view of redemption at work.  On August 21, 2017, a newly married couple celebrated the alignment of the sun, the moon, and the earth as part of their honeymoon in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The path of two families became one in what appeared to me as an extremely redemptive act of God.  Jill Louk and her two girls joined with Lincoln Eekhoff and his two boys to form a new family together. 

Both Lincoln and Jill suffered the deep grief of the death of their fathers when they were young.  Lincoln and the boys suffered the added pain of divorce.  In working through that pain Lincoln had drifted from God, but God’s hand brought him back toward trust.  As a young lady Jill entered into a bad relationship that proved extremely difficult to leave.  By God’s grace she did finally break free and has been steadily bringing herself and her girls into a more peace-filled relationship with God.  Through the mentoring of Jane Kramer and the influence of Bible Study, she and her girls started worshiping God regularly.

Lincoln & Jill Baptism 2017.jpg

On Sunday, July 23, Lincoln and Jill shared their testimonies and their desire to join our congregation.  On July 30, in the Iowa River, both pledged their love and allegiance to Jesus Christ through baptism.  On Saturday, August 19, they pledged their love and allegiance to each other.  Jim Kramer officiated a simple and beautiful service in our church sanctuary.  If you talk to Lincoln or Jill, you cannot miss their genuine humility and sincere gratitude for God’s grace in bringing about this redemptive turn in their lives.

As witnesses of Jesus Christ, such humility and gratitude should mark us all.  Humility and gratitude are the appropriate response to a true awareness of how Jesus has redeemed us and how his redemptive intentions continue to affect us and others.  Despite the clouds which, on occasion, may still completely dominate our view, we know in faith there is a steady force for good dependably working out a cosmic plan of redemption for our broken lives, bringing them in alignment with God’s grace and love.



Blessings - Pastor Harrison


Why Do We Have Small Groups?


Small Groups are an important part of the ministry of SRBC.  We have put Small Groups into place with this purpose in mind: To connect people in Christ-centered caring relationships that support growing together in faith.  Take just a few moments to really consider what that purpose statement means:

  • Through Small Groups, we want everybody to connect with others. That means more than just saying "hi" on Sunday morning. It means getting to know others on a more personal level. 
  • Through Small Groups, we hope that these connections with others will lead to caring relationships. That means that when hard times come, others will come along side you and provide help in time of need. And, in the good times, you have others that can share those times with you.
  • Through Small Groups, we see people giving support and accountability so that we are truly growing in our faith and in what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 
  • Through Small Groups, our faith in Jesus Christ will be strengthened as we see others live out their lives in faith. In Small Groups, we see others rely on their relationship with Christ and how their faith helps them through when the times get tough. 
  • Through Small Groups, we desire that each and everything we do, is Christ-centered. We are not just doing things to enjoy our time together; we are doing things that honor Christ in our actions and words.
Small Group #2.jpg

Our Small Groups start up again this month.  If you would like to connect with people in Christ-centered caring relationships that support growing together in faith, contact me at: jim@steamboatbaptist.org or call me on my cell at 641-858-6085.

Small Groups normally consist of 6-14 adults that meet 7 times during September through December and another 7 times in January through March.  The groups meet in homes and normally include a time of food & fellowship, time of study, and a time of prayer.

We are not called to live out our Christian lives in isolation.  We are to carry each other’s burdens, encourage one another, care for one another, pray for one another, love one another, meet with one another, be kind to one another, serve one another, forgive one another, and build each other up.  These can all be done in the fellowship of a Small Group.    I would encourage you to consider joining a Small Group this year and you will be blessed because of it.



Jim Kramer—Pastor of Community Life


All Systems Go, Ready for Launch…

Our family recently had the opportunity to visit the Legoland Amusement Park in Florida on a family vacation. One of the displays they have in their park is Miniland USA. This exhibit was made up of replicas of major buildings made entirely out of Legos. One specific attraction that caught our kids’ attention was a space shuttle. Next to the rocket was a red, countdown timer. We patiently waited out the 8-minute countdown timer to see the official “launch” of the space shuttle. 


rocket legoland.jpg
countdown clock pic.jpg

September is a time for launches here at SRBC. We are putting together the final details of important ministries like Awana's, Sunday School, and Radiate Youth Ministries. Our teams of volunteers are ready to invest in our kids, both inside and outside of our church, which we couldn’t be more excited for. Take a look at our launches below. We hope that you’ll be a part and spread the word to your neighbors, friends, & relatives!


Sunday, September 10th

10:00 AM - Special Welcome Celebration for Jacob & Crystal Carroll (See all of the details below)

12:00 PM – Friendly Valley Festival- Lunch & activities to follow.


Wednesday, September 13th

5:45 PM – Awana's & M.S. Radiate Family meal

6:30 PM – 1st Official Night of Awana's

6:30 PM – M.S. Radiate Kickoff Event


Sunday, September 17th

10:00 AM - M.S., H.S., & Adult SS Classes Official Start

6:30 PM – H.S. Radiate Kickoff Event


Special Welcome Celebration!  

Crystal's Family.jpg

In June, our congregation voted to hire Crystal Carroll as our first ever Children’s Ministry Director! This was a huge milestone for our church and one that I believe will have lasting impact on our church, families and surrounding communities for a long time. We were fortunate enough to take advantage of a move that Jacob & Crystal made from Florida to Iowa for Jacob’s job. Crystal has been doing an amazing job with key ministries like VBS, Children’s Sunday School & Awana already. She has made some great contacts and her organizational skills have been a huge blessing.

We would love for you to join us on Sunday, September 10th at 10:00 AM for a special welcome celebration.  Refreshments will be served for the whole family with a short program to officially welcome the Carroll’s. At approximately 10:30, elementary age kids will be recognized and will go with their teachers to their classrooms for the remaining time.

Our church family has been such a blessing to the staff over the years. We have no doubt that you’ll welcome and bless the Carroll’s in the same way. This special welcome celebration will be fun and a source of encouragement for the entire Carroll family.

Our church family has been such a blessing to the staff over the years. We have no doubt that you’ll welcome and bless the Carroll’s in the same way. This special welcome celebration will be fun and a source of encouragement for the entire Carroll family.

* SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: As you may have noticed, Crystal could be having her baby anytime now. If she has the baby relatively close to the 10th or can’t make it to church, we will be postponing the celebration fun until another Sunday. We will keep you posted as the days get closer.


Blessings - Pastor Bryce



Children's Ministry



We are weeks away from our AWANA Club starting!

Our first night is Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 5:45 p.m. During our meal, you will hear from our AWANA Commander, Vince Lindaman, learn about our individual clubs and have the opportunity to register and take care of your uniform costs, and/or dues.

Immediately following the meal, we will begin our first night!


AWANA registration is now open:

Awana Calednar of Events


If you want to take the next steps in serving with us as a “veteran” or “first-timer”: Please click on the link below to get started:



Our AWANA Commanders!

Vince Lindaman, Commander & Natalie Cooley, Co-Commander

Vince Lindaman, Commander & Natalie Cooley, Co-Commander


Thank you for taking the time to read all the excitement AWANA is bringing! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Crystal@steamboatbaptist.org and I will connect you with the right folks! Have a blessed month as we kick off so many wonderful things at Steamboat!



In Christ — Crystal Carroll

Children's Ministry Coordinator



Message from vince


Something you may not know about AWANA is that we take a separate offering each week towards a ministry chosen by our leadership. Below is a special message from Vince Lindaman, our Commander regarding it:


Hello AWANA Families!

Last year we started something new for how we would handle AWANA offerings given by our clubbers. Our approach last year brought amazing discussions, insight and growth in what it means to give, and how our offerings can greatly impact the world around us.

We have divided the Offerings into four segments for the year. Each segment goes toward (4) different ministries. We have indicated on our calendar the end of collection for the offering we are on. Beyond discussing the offering throughout the weeks, with each closing of the offering, we will provide a special discussion on the ministry and what our funds total is and how it impacts the ministry we bless.

What a better time to encourage our kids and lead them to a heart of giving than by having them bring their own offering! My responsibility to you and the clubbers is that before each date on the calendar I educate our club on the ministry we bless, and challenge the children and encourage you the parents to choose to invest in such a giving. Personally, my Wife and I have seen the fruit of pressing our daughters about their heart in terms of giving and develop that importance with them. I pray the same for your families.


Please see me for any questions.


Your Commander— Vince Lindaman