Get Off the Glass


Several years ago I was visiting with a high school classmate on the phone who was kind of a colorful character.  Pam and I had been married for years, and Connie, my classmate, was still single at that time.  She shared a humorous word picture that caught in my memory:  “Marriage is like flies on a window pane—those on the outside wanting to get in and those on the inside wanting to get out.”  I don’t know who came up with this rather cynical statement but I’m afraid whoever did was reflecting some truth.  I hope many of you are happily married or happily single, but there is an unfortunate state of discontent prevalent in the human condition.  The idealistic expectations of romance stirred up on Valentine’s Day could serve to accentuate discontent.  Awareness can help you guard against this.

If you are single, enjoy your freedom.  You can do what you want without the need to coordinate or think of someone else’s needs.  You may long to be married, and if that is the case, I pray that you will be.  Until then, enjoy your current state and use it to serve the Lord. 

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If you are married, enjoy your companion.  You have someone to share life with and someone to care for.  The person you married is not the person someone else married and so your marriage is not going to be someone else’s marriage.  Avoid the trap of comparing what you see and know of other’s marriages with what you see and know of your own.  Comparing is unwise to begin with but comparing with what you imagine other marriages to be like is particularly foolish, as is comparing with the imaginary couples on commercials, in movies, or in novels. 

If you are single, thank God.  If you are married, thank God.  Pray to God to help you grow and serve in the condition you find yourself inIf your marriage is having difficulties, seek counsel.  Discontented married couples that give up on their marriage too often result in discontented singles; singles who can find no contentment within themselves are likely to be discontented when they marry.  One inescapable reality in life is you:  wherever you go, YOU are still there. 

Finally, I hate flies in my house.  I learned it from my Grandma Lippert.  I aim to kill them.  No fly is easier to kill than a fly committed to the window pane.  We have an enemy who is out to kill us.  Discontent makes us easy prey for him.  Don’t be a fly on the window in life, unhappily waiting to be in or out of marriage.  Get off the glass.  Choose to have a Happy Valentine’s Day.



Blessings - Pastor Harrison


Community Corner...Taking Place This Month in February

Attention Ladies and Gen…..nope, JUST THE LADIES!!

The GAL-A!!!!!! (1).jpg

That’s right; this one is for the girls.  The men of Steamboat Rock Baptist Church would like to invite all of the “gals” to a memorable night at The GAL-A. Mark your calendars for February 24th.  Dress up in your finest outfits as this event will begin at 6:00 pm with valet parking and a walk down the red carpet.  After you mingle and talk with the other women about their fabulous fashion techniques you can find your spot at a banquet table where a gourmet meal will be served.  Following the meal the real fun begins as we have an amazing line-up of performances in store.  The Village People, Lil John, and Journey are just a few of the performers participating with many more to come!  All women are invited regardless of church membership so spread the word.  Space will be limited, so please sign up on Main Street or call into the office if you plan to attend as we will need a solid number for food and seating.  See you at The GAL-A!!!!




Join up with other men every Saturday morning from 6:00 to 7:00 AM at “Rock Solid Fitness Center” located in the SW corner of the old Steamboat Rock Schoolhouse.  This time together provides you the opportunity to strengthen both your spiritual health and your physical health.  And at the same time, give you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with other men.


Family Day—Sunday-February 18th

Come join us for a fun afternoon.  We will start at 3:00 with sledding at the Steamboat Rock Ball Diamond.  At 5:00 we will have hot chocolate and food in the Fellowship Hall.  We will top off the evening with a Family Game Night.  Bring your entire family for a great afternoon of food and fellowship.

Family _Day!.jpg


“Bright Lights/Big Tables”

Saturday, February 9th from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, you can join with others for a time of scrapbooking.  This is a great time to get those projects completed and at the same time enjoy fellowship with others.


Jim Kramer—Pastor of Community Life



Navigating the Waters of Music in Today's Culture

For a long, long time music has been a significance of the state and values of a culture, and many would even say that it’s a shaper and influencer of the culture. Even the person that is not into music much would probably at least say it’s played somewhat of a role in their life, whether for entertainment or other purposes. Those that are more closely linked to music (spend more time listening or making music) know and believe that there is power in music. This couldn’t be truer for today’s teenagers. According to the newest report out by the Nielsen Company, the average person over 13-years-old now listens to over 4 hours of music per day. That’s an average of 47 minutes a day more than they did last year alone. But what kind of music are they listening to?

power of music pic.png

Parents, families, youth ministries, and churches have had many discussions as to the importance and relevance of music among kids. Some of these talks focus on the idea that music is just music and it’s not going to hurt anyone and other discussions have centered on the “evilness” of all secular music. In one of my first few years at the church, I remember meeting with another youth pastor who held a retreat in which he invited the youth to bring all of their secular music CD’s. At the end of the retreat, they were given the option to throw them all into a big bonfire! Another one of my friends was a worship pastor and he told me that he very rarely listened to Christian music throughout the week. And then I read a comment from a parent who said this as the discussion of music came up in their household, “My son says that the lyrics don’t affect him and he just likes the style of music and the beat.” Hmmm… how do we navigate the waters of music with our teenagers?


For starters, as parents, grandparents, and adults in general let’s just admit that we’re not in tune with all of the latest and greatest artists that our teens are listening to. As I have stated in the past, as a youth pastor I try to keep up on current trends of youth culture, but still find myself asking the youth (or my M.S. daughter) about a popular artist or song that has recently hit the charts. Secondly, let’s be honest by stating that it’s hard work to stay on top of the music that our teens are listening to, let alone trying to decide if a song has questionable lyrics, messages, or weighing the fact that the artist himself/herself generally has trashy lyrics. Thirdly, I think most parents who are following Jesus would say that they do care for the good of their kids regarding what music is being listened to day in and day out.


Here are three tips that I have for parents when it comes to navigating these waters:

1.)    Don’t be close-minded. Rather than saying everything that isn’t sung on Sunday mornings is evil, do some homework as to the songs our teens are listening to. Are there any good principles or encouragement being presented to the audience? Listen to their pleas that a certain artist isn’t that bad. And remember, if your kids don’t have these popular songs on their phones or computers, you can almost guarantee that their friends do (even 3rd graders!). 

2.)    Discussions > Dictatorships. There are definitely times to say “No, that song or artist is not something we’re going to listen to in our family.” But when it comes to songs or artists that are a little unclear, why not discuss some of the lyrics together? We’ve started a tradition in our H.S. ministry of doing “Hot Topic” discussions 1-2 times a month. This might be a hit song, Youtube video or current movie. I believe students have come to appreciate the openness that allow them to share during these times. Most of these discussions are not geared towards having the right answer. We encourage them to share among their peers what they believe about the message being presented and why they believe that.

3.)    Help students own the process of discernment. More important than always deciding for our teens what music is or isn’t appropriate, most parents would see the bigger goal is helping them with the process of deciding this on their own. A great parenting goal I read once was that by the time your child hits age 17 (basically going into their senior year), all decisions would be made by them (this still allows for the safety net of them being under your roof, which won’t be the case when they are at college or move out). Walt Mueller, who runs the Center for Parent Youth Understanding, teaches a 3D discernment process when it comes to music and media:

  • Discover – What is the message/worldview?
  • Discern – How does it stand in light of the biblical message/worldview?
  • Decide – What do I do with it?  

Here is a parenting challenge I would leave you with: click on the link below, which is a review done by Youth Expert David Smith on the Top Songs of 2017. Beware, this is an honest review with the actual lyrics. Pick out a song from the list and surprise your kids by asking them about it and see if they have heard it (or know it). Pick out a few lyrics and discuss the discernment process. This might turn into a great discussion and a discipleship moment for your family!


Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand.2 Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. 3 For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. – Colossians 3:1-3

Blessings as you continue the parenting journey

 - Pastor Bryce


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The average family only spends 34 minutes together on weekdays and 97 minutes together on weekends.


BUT we are not average.


No. Instead, we ALSO do service work in our church and communities. We make meals for our congregation members, or help others with home renovations (thanks by the way!).


Let’s face it, we are probably one of the busiest family units out there and our statistic stands the chance to be less time together, not more.


Something has to give in our schedules, and it shouldn’t be our family.


What do you do when life is busy and you feel called to service, but are having problems calibrating all the tasks of the day while being present for your spouse and/or children?


As I have been exploring these questions for myself this year, I wanted to share with you some behaviors and ideas to consider:

  • Be Intentional. I am a believer that most of that 34/97 minutes is spent having an unpleasant kid-screaming fest in the car, or rushing out of the house to the next thing. If we are truly desiring to spend quality, life-giving time we need to be intentional about it. Here are some fun ideas:
    • Make a play! Maybe it can be from a Bible story, or you can make up your own story. Depending on your children’s interests and ages you can make this time intricate or simple, but remember to keep it fun and stress-free. This isn’t just fun for all, but is a great teachable moment when including Biblical illustrations.
    • Go outside! When the weather allows, get out there! Okay….MAYBE this idea is better served in the Spring, but hey, maybe it will get to the 30s again and this is an option.
    • Play some board games! This usually takes real effort and time to complete and is fun to do.
    • Make dinner together. Instead of trying to make the meal alone and corral the kids out of the kitchen. Invite them in! Have the whole family be apart of making the meal.
    • Have an art night! You could have everyone do one type of art, like painting OR you can let everyone choose their own thing.
    • Start a devotional with your children! Reading to them or sharing with them His word will only help keep the goals of quality time with your family on track.
  • Bring them with you. If your family can participate with you while you are serving, or doing various other activities bring them! It may take longer or take more planning, but it is well worth the effort. By bringing them with you and serving side by side, you are accomplishing time together and learning from each other.

Whatever you choose to do. Be sure to choose to make it light, fun and most importantly about connection. The goal isn’t to rush through it, but to stop and breath with each other while you do.

I hope these ideas encourage, motivate and help you. At Steamboat Rock Baptist Church we believe in order to follow Jesus...further we need to feel connected and grounded with our family.



We want to encourage those connections by facilitating family time. An example is an event we are having this month. Here are the details:


Family _Day!.jpg

Jim Kramer and I are so excited for this event! Weather permitting, we will start the fun with sledding at the Steamboat Rock Ball Diamond. Please bring your own sled!


After the fun in the snow, we will have supper and hot chocolate at church in the fellowship hall.


THEN we will have a fun hour or two playing games!


This is a great time of fellowship for our families individually and for us to come together as a church family!


For food and planning purposes, we are asking that you sign up for the fun. You can do that here:


Sign-Up for Family Day on February 18


Or you can call the church office.


If you have any questions regarding our Family Day, feel free to chat with me in passing or email me at:


Praying this year is a year of healing, growth and harvest for your families.

In Christ — Crystal Carroll

Children's Ministry Coordinator