On Sabbatical

This article will give you an overview of the timeline of the sabbatical leave.

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June 10 – July 1    Fly to Israel with Pam to audit a three week course at Jerusalem University College on the History and Geography of Bible Lands.

July 2 – July 7   Regroup with our kids, read the mail, do our laundry, and pack up to head to South Dakota and celebrate the 4th of July with Pam’s family and my brother’s 50th birthday.

July 8 – July 14 Experience Clydehurst Christian Ranch family camp in the Montana mountains with Pam, Natalie, Chaylie, Karis and my sister’s family.

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July 15 – July 18 Cross the border into Canada for a few days at Edmonton to meet with some pastors for breakfast and spend a couple mornings in the library researching church planting in rural areas and congregational care for growing congregations.

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July 19 – July 25  Fly all of the adult children and the new son-in-law to Edmonton and spend a week together in a large vacation home.  We will see the city and head to the Canadian Rockies for one day.

July 26 – July 31 Attend the North American Baptist Triennial gathering in Edmonton with Pam and the younger girls and then drive back home to Steamboat Rock.

Aug. 1- Aug. 19  Catch-up on mail, sleep, exercise, yardwork, have a couple days at a family reunion and a couple days of solitude to reflect on the gift of this time and prepare for re-entry.

Thanks for your generous support in granting us this gift.  Please pray that God will use this time to renew us physically, emotionally, and spiritually to continue to love and lead the people of Steamboat Rock Baptist Church to Follow Jesus…further!



Blessings - Pastor Harrison


The Carpet Tells a Story


The next time you are in church, take a minute to take a look at the carpet in Main Street. Ask yourself this question: What do I see? You might see coffee spills. You might see articles of food. You might see pieces of paper.  You will see spots, lots of spots. Besides all of this, you can be sure that there is dirt, sand, rocks, and many other unimaginable things lurking in the carpet that you don’t even see. And, consider what it might look like were it not for Ken’s constant vacuuming and care for the carpet. Wouldn’t it be nice if the carpet always looked spotless!!  No spots! No spills! No dirt!

As I was considering writing this article, I was walking through Main Street and I told Jill Eekhoff what I was doing.  She gave me this suggestion:  Don’t look at the spots; think about the stories they tell!  Now that is a good bit of advice.  If we think about the stories, we might just hear this:

  • Chocolate icing from a donut—a young child running into church anxious for something to eat because mom skipped breakfast to get them to church on time.
  • Tracks from dirty shoes—a middle age man coming to church for the 1st time. He is nervous about even entering the building and is worried about where to sit or wondering who will talk with him. The last thing on his mind is his shoes.
  • Cookie crumbs—a young child grabbing two cookies because that is their breakfast for the morning. He is hungry.
  • Coffee spill—a young mom sharing about her struggles in the past week with a friend and her tears are mixed with the coffee as she gets a hug from her friend.
  • Pieces of paper—a woman writing out a personal prayer request to give to a friend so that she will pray for her. By accident, part of the paper falls to the floor.
  • Spot of something—two men just chatting about the events in their life or maybe even the latest big sporting event and one of them spills their drink. Yes, just two people doing life together. Yep, they spilled a drink on Main Street. Crap happens!

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Colossians 3:12-13

Brothers and sister of Jesus Christ, I urge each of you to have joy every time you a see a spot or a spill in Main Street. That spot or spill represents a life that is loved by Jesus and we have been given the opportunity to show love to that person as he or she walks down Main Street.


Jim Kramer - Community Life Pastor


When the Cat's Away.....

By the time that this newsletter goes to print, Pastor Harrison will be about 6 weeks into his Sabbatical. I know many of you have been praying for a restful and enriching time, which I know they are thankful for. When Harrison applied for the Lily Foundation grant and was approved, the grant required three things: that the Sabbatical would be beneficial for Pastor Harrison, that it would be a beneficial time for his family, and that it would be a blessing to the congregation. With his proposed schedule, I know all three will be accomplished.  

In June, we had a memorable night of laughter with Comedian Taylor Mason paid for and made possible with the grant money. What a neat opportunity to have a talented comedian in our church at no charge to those in attendance.


On August 19th, we will be holding a second event, paid almost entirely through the grant. This special event is intended to spur on spiritual growth within our congregation and to ignite a greater desire for Bible reading. The event is with the national organization called Walk through the Bible. The event that we’ll be hosting is called: Old Testament Live! Here is some information from their website about this event:

Learn the Old Testament in Just a Few Hours

There's a lot to remember in the Bible. And it can be overwhelming and confusing. But through otLIVE, in just a few short hours, you will learn the major people, and events of the Old Testament in chronological order—and you'll enjoy yourself in the process! More than 2 million people in the USA and over 10 million worldwide have attended otLIVE, making it one of the most attended events of all time!

Get the Big Picture of the Bible!

  • Provides the big picture of the Old Testament through a fun, exciting experience
  • Ignites passion for God's Word and revitalizes people's walk!
  • 75% of participants commit to daily Bible reading following the event

Experience the Bible Like Never Before

It's interactive, memorable, relevant, exciting, and fun! Using the exclusive Walk Thru the Bible hand signs memory system, our certified Walk Thru the Bible instructor will guide you through the Old Testament in a way you've never experienced!

After reading that, who’s ready to sign up?



SUNDAY, AUGUST 19TH – Free lunch @ noon

1:00-3:30 PM - otLIVE Seminar

$5 per person for the first 100 people who sign up (tickets available at the Welcome Center).

($10 after that – this covers the cost of the workbook that is required to attend)

Target Audience:  3rd graders through adults!

To make sure all of our families can attend, we have also lined up nursery for those 3 years old and younger as well as some children’s activities for our 4-year olds through 2nd graders!


If you’re still not sure about signing up, here are a few testimonies from former attendees of this seminar and the difference it has made in individuals, families, and churches!


I want to know that your seminar far surpassed my expectations. I honestly had only expected to come away "knowing" more about the Old Testament, but was wonderfully surprised to find out that all the way the through you had incorporated a need for Christ in our lives - that is the completion of God's story. Fantastic! I am still amazed at the effectiveness of the method of delivery of the "Old Testament". I mean little ones engaged for the entire duration of more than 4 hours! That is a miracle! Praise God! 

—T. Simpson, Calgary, Canada


I heartily recommend the Old Testament live event to any church or pastor. Some of our people remarked that for the first time they understood how the events of the Old Testament time period were connected, and finally knew where all the characters fit into the flow of biblical history. Our congregation was so excited about this seminar, that we have already scheduled the New Testament live event for next year! 

– Senior Pastor Kenneth C. Larson, Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church


The live event was probably the best, deepest, and simplest teaching I have ever received in my 32 years as a Christian. I would recommend and endorse this for any church, denomination, or individual. Fantastic! 

—Pastor Steve Dixon, Freedom Fellowship


My church experienced one of the most beneficial opportunities of our years in ministry. Little did we know that God would use this ministry to change lives, alter attitudes, and inspire hearts. We found ourselves captivated. The Old Testament live event renewed the interest of our people to immerse themselves in the Word of God. It is every pastor's hope and goal that his people would desire for themselves that constant impute of the Word of God into their life. Walk Thru the Bible provides one of the proven methods for accomplishing that goal in an exciting way.

– Senior Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to talk to me and I’ll be happy to help. And if you know of any others outside of our church who might be interested, please invite them as well!


Blessings - Pastor Bryce



Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed


Awana reaches kids for Christ through fun, Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.

Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ.


It’s why we offer Awana through our church. Awana reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey. 

It has been a great year at our Awana. We have had several of our clubbers both “churched” and “non-churched” give their life to Christ this year. Some through events like “Magic of Christmas” in December, and others sitting with their leaders on a normal Wednesday night while discussing their handbooks. 

We have had the privilege of seeing clubbers start their own personal ministries by sharing their stories in our Large Group, Grand Prix, Awards Night, and even on Sunday morning. They share with confidence and boldness. A boldness they’ve gained from their parents, family, children’s leaders, and support from you, the church. 

Vince Lindaman, who served as our 2017-2018 Commander (and for the past eight years) did an amazing job preparing our Awana graduates to share their stories throughout the year. At our Awards Night, Vince was able to speak into the lives of the parents sharing the value of our influence and gave an emotional testimony that encouraged us to bring our children “beside us” while we still can and equip them and lead them to follow Jesus further. 

This year Vince retires from the position of Commander and will remain on the Awana leadership to mentor, support leadership and rally the efforts to reach beyond our walls to the lost children in our area. We are seeking prayers for Vince, his ministry shift, and for our club as we dedicate some time to pray for the open Commander position. 

A big thank you for the directors and volunteers that make an Awana night happen! Thanks to you we were able to serve upwards of 100 kids each week. I hope this summer provides rest and a job well done to all of our leaders. 

Our children at Steamboat and in our community are pretty special. It’s such an encouragement as a director and parent to see your great care for them. Thank you church for supporting our Awana program!


In Christ — Crystal Carroll

Children's Ministry Coordinator